Nintendo Switch Game NS ONI: ROAD TO BE THE MIGHTIEST CHI/ENG/JAP (Asia Version)

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The stage of this game "Ghost Island" is a small island surrounded by the strait on all sides. From the green grassland, the lush forests to the plain floating with boulder, etc. Legend has it that wake up the thoughts of the ghosts defeated by Momotaro in this island and accept the "test" with them to be able to wake up the power of sleeping in the ghost's body. However, no challengers have come back from the island.

The protagonist "Empty" is the only surviving soldier in the Ghost King Army who challenged Momotaro. He will receive a variety of tests with the wonderful elf "Feng Wan" on the island of Ghost. Empty hand holding sticks to launch a variety of attacks, which can cause damage to enemies who are "thoughts". After the partner Feng Wan destroys the "heart" of the enemy's being pulled out, it can completely defeat the enemy. When the player operates empty and Feng Wan at the same time, he will be able to enjoy the unprecedented partner movement fun.