Nintendo Switch Game NS Sea Horizon【Limited Edition】(CHI/ENG/JAP)

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Storage Box
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numbered certificate

In the world of Sea Horizon: Endless Journey, every step is a life-or-death adventure! "Horizon: Endless Journey" is a turn-based RPG game of the Roguelike type. This game shows a honeycomb grid map in a 3D bird's-eye view. The broken Melician Islands will show a different look with each exploration. Players can choose from a host of protagonists with their own backstory and personal motivations, charting their course as they traverse rich landscapes and treacherous waters, equip weapons, carefully manage hunger and health, and weigh the potential rewards of each side quest Take risks, pass the battle with blessings and make life-and-death decisions in battle!

Will you become famous in a dangerous field, or become an unknown corpse like the previous adventurers?

Game Features:
Navigate the honeycomb map in traditional RPG style!
In turn-based battles, use cards and dice to move carefully!
Explore hidden locations and dig for treasure to make the journey even more enjoyable!
Unlock and play as multiple characters, each with their own stories and motivations.
Manage hunger and health to gauge whether the rewards of each scenario are worth the risk.
Face random locations and events, and explore multiple endings!