Nintendo Switch Game NS SIFU: Vengeance Edition Chinese/English Ver

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> Towels (Black/White)
> Exclusive DLC
> SteelBook Organizer
> Prints x3
> Art Collection Page 48
> Digital Soundtrack

It is a third-person martial arts action game with the theme of Chinese Kung Fu. It focuses on exciting, compact and authentic Kung Fu combat, and creates a deep and challenging gameplay. In the game, the player will play the protagonist of a young kung fu apprentice who is wholeheartedly pursuing revenge. After his family is murdered by a mysterious gang of assassins, he prepares for 8 years to embark on a vengeful quest to find the killers and let no one stand in his way. To overcome the obstacles in front of him, he will rely on his kung fu skills and a magical pendant that can bring him back to life. But this magic has its price: aging with each resurrection."

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