Nintendo Switch Game NS The Legend of Tianding CHI/ENG/JAP (Asia Version)

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"Lianding-Rare Bad Thief" is the new work of the horizontal action platform that is produced by the well-known Flash game "God Shadow Liao Tianding". Players will play the legendary Taiwanese character "Liao Tianting". Dadaocheng. The story combines real history and rural legends. With the development of the plot, players will visit the real crime location one by one one by one, including the final outcome of its legend.

This art style is designed with retro martial arts comics as the main axis, creating a visual style with Taiwan's characteristics. In the process of playing, players are like Taiwan in the 1980s and read a martial arts comic. In the game, players can feel the smooth operation and cracking down sense experience. When controlling Liao Tianding, they strike a variety of enemies with a short knife with a foot two swords. And treasure. In addition, the development team also designed a new nirvana for Liao Tianting, hoping to bring a real "magic" experience to players.

game introduction

Player played the real figure of Taiwan, Liao Tianting, a legendary thief that made the Japanese colonial government grit his teeth. Liao Tianding is active in Greater Taipei in the early 20th century. He likes to fight for righteousness, rob the rich, and help the poor. The game script refers to the many rural legends of Liao Tianding, supplemented by detailed historical and ground surveys, and combined with exciting plot arrangements to bring players the most exciting legend of Liao Tianding.

Liao Tianting took a short two -knife and wrestling towel belt to defeat the power of the bully with superb martial arts. By controlling Liao Tianding, players can easily use multiple combos and can capture various enemy weapons at will to make a diverse combination of kung fu. And strong light work and hook cables allow players to walk around the wall in the game, shuttle freely, and swing in the carefully designed level maze. There are also a number of unique strong bosses waiting for players to challenge, such as the beautiful but fatal female ninja, greedy and brutal fatty merchants, and cold -blooded officers who are skilled in various weapons. The means to stir up the player's movement nerves!

In the game, the art style of retro martial arts comics presents the Greater Taipei style in the early 20th century. From the perspective of Liao Tianding, players can shuttle in the bustling and splendid Dadaocheng blocks, take the most advanced high -speed emergency trains at the time, and visit the atmosphere of the atmosphere. The dark downwater channel. Every scene is worth visiting.

In the game, you can equip different capabilities in the game, so that Liao Tianding can get a stronger ability state! These mana -oriented props can give Liao Tianding more physical value, faster internal force recovery speed, and even reduce the damage. Players can freely match different runes to create the strongest Taiwanese heroes in their minds.

In addition to the refreshing action fighting, you can also play a traditional Taiwanese chess and card game with neighboring neighbors under the temple entrance to relax.