Nintendo Switch Game NS VARIOUS DAYLIFE (Asia Version) CHI/ENG/JAP

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The story describes that in the year 211 of the Imperial Calendar, humans discovered a new continent. Players will become part of the immigrants and devote themselves to traveling all over the continent. At the same time, spend every day in the town of the immigrants, the new capital "Elebia". Complete the work with your partners and grow, fill the backpack with limited space with props, and travel across this continent full of barbarians that no one has set foot on!

Develop characters through daily work

There are more than 20 occupations in this work, and more than 100 occupation-related jobs. Because you can exercise your muscle strength during physical labor, or exercise your magic power while using your brain, you can cultivate your favorite character by choosing a job.

Skillfully manage to clear the maze

props, food, and camping props. Pack these into a limited-capacity backpack and head out into town. On the way, you will not only fight monsters, but also encounter bad weather, food corruption and other situations. At this point, do you want to move on? Setting up a tent to rest? Or muster the courage to retreat? Make judgments along the way, and continue to explore the unknown continent!

Brand new combat system element "3 CHA"

In the traditional turn-based command-based combat that utilizes occupations and skills, a unique system that is very important to cooperate with companions has been added. CHANGE the state of the enemy, accumulate CHAIN, and use CHANCE to severely damage the enemy!