Nintendo Switch NS HORI Wierless Pad(Super Mario)

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■Acceleration sensor/Gyro sensor equipped Equipped with the same acceleration sensor/gyro sensor as the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Can be used for games that use accelerometer/gyro sensors, such as tilting the controller.
■Rechargeable via USB connection Connect the USB cable (USB Type-C™) that comes with this product to the Nintendo Switch Dock to charge this product.
※The USB cable (Micro USB Micro-B) cannot be used.
※When charging, please connect the AC adapter to the Nintendo Switch dock.
■Lightweight design, not easy to fatigue Although it has a built-in battery, it weighs about 180g. Realized a lightweight design that is not prone to fatigue even if it lasts for a long time.
※This product is not equipped with motion IR camera, HD vibration, NFC (near field communication), continuous shooting/continuous shooting function.

・Dimensions (width x depth x height): about 160mm x about 60mm x about 110mm
・Weight: Approximately 180 g
・Cable length: USB ケーブル (USB Type-C™) about 30cm
・Connection pipe: Wireless connection via Bluetooth® 5.0
・Supported models: Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite