Nordic Hair Gro for Hair Growth Tocotrienols and Naturally Sourced Patented Ingredients

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  • This hair growth supplement with biotin (B vitamins), apple extract, zinc and patented ingredients, helps you increase new hair growth. Extracts, like palm oil extracts, in this supplement helps stimulate hair follicle & promotes new hair growth.
  • Hair Gro uses a patented tocotrienol complex from palm fruit, known as a super antioxidant to increase hair count.
  • This clinically proven product with studies that have been published, Hair Gro helps decrease the oxidation process in the scalp.
  • NEW NORDIC BEAUTY SUPPLEMENTS: Living a healthy lifestyle is important, and nutrients and vitamins are important for skincare, hair and nail health as shampoos or moisturizers. From hair growth and volume to skin care, we have a supplement to help.
  • NATURALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS: New Nordic focuses on natural ingredients that have solid scientific evidence for enhancing vitality and promoting an active life, in people of all ages.