POLTI La Vaporella Steam Generator Iron (XB60C).

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Product Features :

  • TURBO powerful steam jet function for the most stubborn creases The right steam for every fabric: 4 adjustable temperature settings.
  • Rapid heating: ready in 2 minutes Powerful 6.7 bar boiler and 400g steam pulse function.
  • ECO function - save energy and water without compromising the ironing result Curved soleplate means effortless and perfectly smooth results.
  • 4 steam levels: silk, ECO, linen, turbo temperature adjustment Unlimited working autonomy with 1.4 L removable tank.

Product Description :

La Vaporella, the new Made in Italy iron to iron in a simple and fast way thanks to the powerful boiler with unlimited autonomy of 6.7 bar and the pump of 15 bar.To guarantee maximum reliability over time, La Vaporella has a powerful boiler guaranteed for 10 years with the exclusive that prevents the negative effects of limescale, giving your boiler a longer life without any need for maintenance. Furthermore The innovative soleplate with patented 360 ° fluid curve technology, rounded and multidirectional, will eliminate even the most difficult creases without effort.PROFESSIONAL IRONING IN ALL DIRECTIONS: The innovative multi-directional rounded aluminum soleplate with double ceramic coating allows perfect results in one pass. The high precision tip reaches difficult places and the concentration of steam in this area also smoothes out difficult creases. The rounded edges for 360° ironing allow perfect smoothness without effort, easily navigating obstacles such as buttons, collars, pockets. The uniform distribution steam channels allow faster ironing for professional results in a very short time.THE RIGHT STEAM FOR EACH FABRIC: The 4 settings allow you to treat every fabric with the right steam intensity to have perfect garments in record time, moreover you can adjust the soleplate to the correct temperature with the knob on the iron. Or if you need to iron delicate fabrics that don't need to be steamed or you just need a quick refresh, you can use the dry SILK function.SET THE TURBO, GOODBYE CREASES: By setting the TURBO function, the high pressure boiler releases a powerful steam jet that helps you iron the most creased fabrics and eliminate the most difficult folds.INTERMITTENT STEAM: MAXIMUM COMFORT: For quick and easy ironing, you can use the STEAM PULSE function by double-clicking the steam button. The steam will automatically be emitted at regular intervals without continuously having to press the steam button, reducing stress on fingers and wrists.