Premium Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One 01 DX Cycloneriser Henshin Belt Toy

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Transformation belt used by Kamen Rider Zero One's father, Sorea Hiden will have his own Transformation belt DX Cycloneriser in April 2020!


Character background

Soreo Hiden was a Parent-Type Huma Gear created to raise the orphaned Aruto Hiden. The original Soreo Hiden died when Aruto was young, therefore Hiden Intelligence developed a Huma Gear resembling Soreo to take his place as an emotional support for Aruto.


Product features

--You can set the Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key on the main unit, pull the lever to activate the transformation sound.


--The first transformation sound will be “Cyclone Rise!”, then the next one is “Rocking Hopper!”


--You can keep pressing the lever to activate two types of special moves.


--It is in conjunction with the DX series of Kamen Rider Zero One such as "Transformation Belt DX Hiden Zero One Driver" (sold separately), unique voices will be activated.


--DX Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key includes the voices of Kamen Rider Type 1 (Actor: Koji Yamamoto) to recreate the movie scene.


Product content

Cycloneriser X 1

Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key X 1

Instruction manual X 1


Product size

Cycloneriser -W180mm×H110mm×D60mm

(when you extend it W215mm×H110mm×D60mm)


Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key- W95mm×H65mm×D20mm

(when you extend itW165mm×H65mm×D20mm)


Product material

Cycloneriser- ABS, PE

Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key-ABS, PC, PET, PP



Cycloneriser- AAA Battery X 2 (Sold separately)

Rocking Hopper Zetsumeriser Key- LR44 X 3 (included)