Manuka Honey100% Certified New Zealand HoneyCertified 263+ Methylglyoxal.Certified 10+ NPA.Native only to New Zealand, the Manuka bush grows to between 3 and 4 metres in height and flowers freely for...
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Manuka Honey
100% Certified New Zealand Honey
Certified 263+ Methylglyoxal.
Certified 10+ NPA.

Native only to New Zealand, the Manuka bush grows to between 3 and 4 metres in height and flowers freely for about four weeks a year. As New Zealand is a relatively long, narrow, country the peak flowering period varies between November to January which allows New Zealand beekeepers to target the Manuka honey flow through a combination of hive location and timing.

Queen Bee Manuka Honey (263+MG) is monofloral, harvested from rural uncultivated areas of New Zealand where the Manuka bush grows wild in an environment free from pollution. The New Zealand Government’s published standard for Manuka Honey considers four ‘markers’ and a DNA test to ensure that Queen Bee Manuka honey is a genuine monofloral New Zealand honey. Every batch of honey is tested to ensure that it meets the latest published criteria.

The manufacturers describe their honey as offering a lower calorie alternative to sugar and being rich in phenolic acids and vlavonoids it is a source of natural antioxidents.

Apart from all the above, we at Drossa know that it just tastes delicious. Try it with some Greek yogurt; bake some halved plums or peaches with a little cinnamon and Manuka honey; add a spoon or two when making oat bread (try Finax Oat Bread Mix with honey and some chopped walnuts); poach some dried figs stuffed with walnuts in a light syrup of water and some honey and a few drops of vanilla extract - and let the figs cool in the syrup before serving either on their own or with home made muesli; or simply have some on your toast or enjoy a banana, walnut and honey sandwich!

Honey: made by bees to be enjoyed!

Ingredients: 100% certified New Zealand Honey

Note: Unsuitable for infants under 12 months of age.

Nett Weight: 500g

Nutrition (per 100g)
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