Sage Appliances Claro Swiss Water Filter White

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Product Specifications.

  • Claris water filter for some Sage espresso machines: e.g. B. BES990, BES880, BES875. Please check compatibility.
  • For fresh coffee enjoyment without sacrificing taste. Filter cartridge for Sage espresso machines to filter tap water and reduce limescale deposits.
  • The descaling is virtually unnecessary with the Claris filter cartridges.
  • Binding of harmful substances, odors and flavors through absorbent material.
  • Helps to maintain the performance of the machine as long as possible.

Product Description.

Sage Appliances Filter - Claris Filter; Sage Espresso Machine Water Filter helps maintain the performance of the machine for as long as possible and enjoy the full aroma of your coffee.Compatible with most Sage filter machines.Easy to use by attaching directly to the water tank.