Sage SES875BKS The Barista Express Machine (Black Sesame) -NEW.

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Warranty:1 year

Product Features :

Integrated conical burr grinder with its 250g hopper, and integrated stainless steel conical burr grinder, the Sage Barista Express coffee machine lets you grind fresh coffee beans in your own kitchen.

There are 18 integrated grind settings, giving you complete control over the coarseness of your grind, and, adjustable dosage settings, so you can tailor the taste to suit you.

The 15-bar pressure builds gradually, to ensure flavour is extracted evenly and efficiently. Consistent results the smart features built in to the machine means it only grounds the correct amount of coffee each time, so you're not going to waste those precious beans. Grind and dose are both controlled automatically, so every cup of coffee will taste as good as the last one.

Digital temperature control (PID) built into the machine ensures water is the correct temperature when it is delivered to your grounds. This ensures optimal flavour extraction for better tasting coffee.

If you don't want to use fresh beans, you can also use pre-ground coffee instead. Single and double filter baskets are included in the box, so you have everything to get you started, whatever you or your guests want.

High-powered steam wand if you're looking for that coffee-shop style frothy cappuccino, the high-powered milk frothing arm makes it simple to warm and froth milk.

The wand performs at the level that allows complete control over the consistency of your milk, helping you enhance the flavour even try your hand at latte-art. There's also a stainless steel jug included.

Easy to clean 35 x 37 x 38cm h. 1700W. Box Contains Espresso machine Claris Filter Cleaning accessories Temp Control Milk Jug