Senokot Source Natural Laxative, Gentle Overnight relief

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  • OCCASIONAL CONSTIPATION: Constipation symptoms can include irregular, painful or infrequent bowel movements & hard stools. Use natural senna to get overnight relief without using enemas or suppositories.
  • FORMULAS FOR CONSTIPATION RELIEF: Try one of our 4 formulas to help ease constipation with senna: Senokot, Senokot for Women, Senokot Extra Strength and Senokot-S (a natural laxative plus stool softener).
  • PHARMACIST RECOMMENDED LAXATIVE BRAND: Trusted for over 60 years, Senokot laxatives use natural senna to encourage gentle, overnight relief of occasional constipation. SAY NO MORE (TO CONSTIPATION): Like all Senokot natural laxative products, Senokot regular strength tablets provide gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation.
  • Senna has been used as a natural laxative for thousands of years to relieve constipation. SENOKOT works by enhancing the body’s natural wave-like contractions in the colon (peristalsis) to help promote a bowel movement.
  • Senokot - 200 Tablets | Natural Senna Laxative | Gentle, Overnight Relief of Occasional Constipation | Senokot Laxative SENOKOT: Occasional constipation can stem from diet, stress or travel. Senokot natural laxatives offer gentle, overnight constipation relief (typically in 6-12 hours) using the senna laxative ingredient.