Height: approx 235mm.-Masami Owari x Thousand Value TrainingHave a good time! The sun gravion appears!-Collaboration project with Mr. Masami Owari [METAMOR-FORCE`BARI`ATION]!- latest work eagerly-awaited Sol Guravion!-The Grand Kaiser is equipped...
AED. 2,141.50


Height: approx 235mm.

-Masami Owari x Thousand Value Training
Have a good time! The sun gravion appears!

-Collaboration project with Mr. Masami Owari [METAMOR-FORCE`BARI`ATION]!
- latest work eagerly-awaited Sol Guravion!

-The Grand Kaiser is equipped with the 4 Giant Sol Granddivas, Geo Mirage, Geo Javelin, Geo Caliber, and Geo Stinger, and a gimmick to [God of God].
-The first TOY finished product using alloy! Equipped with a gimmick that removes the emblem of the chest and becomes a super heavy sword, and a telescopic gimmick of the solgraviton cannon on both shoulders.
-Use clear parts and die-cast parts for each part.
-A large Geo Mirage part is included to reproduce the giant fighter form [G Gradius] that combines four Solgrandivas.
-Also comes with a base for [G Gradius].
-The Grand Kaiser that comes with this work is the latest version with some mold adjustments and paint additions.
-[Solgravion] suitable for calling the definitive edition is finally completed!

- accessories
・ Solgravion replacement wrist × 2 types (left and right)
・ Grankaiser replacement wrist (left and right)
・ Super Heavy Sword
・ Geo Mirage parts for G Gradius
・ G Gradius base

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