Stadler Form Viktor Air Purifier

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                                                                         Product Information

– 3-stage filter design
– 5-stage wind speed can be adjusted
– Can be used as a fragrance machine by adding essential oils
– Simple design, low consumable design, elegant and environmentally friendly

The Viktor air purifier maximizes the filtration of air polluted by fine dust, pollen, odors and bacteria, giving you a deep breath of fresh air!

Specially developed HPP Filter System™
Most effectively purifies indoor air, while an activated carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors.

Five performance levels (quiet to powerful), and 2, 4, and 8-hour timer functions that enable night mode and dimmable night mode LED control lights.


System Activated carbon and HPP filters
Colour Black/white
Room size (max) 50m² / 125m³
Noise level 30.5 - 57 dB (A)
Power consumption 10 - 38 W
power level 5
Size 246 x 451 x 246 mm
weight 4.9 kg
Noise level 30.5 - 57 dB (A)
Accessories include Viktor filter set (pre and activated carbon filter)

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