Takara Tomy Shinkansen Deformation Robot SHINKALION DXS03 E7 Kagayaki

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Shinkarion E7 Kagayaki appeared on Plarail! It will transform from Shinkansen to a robot with a 3-car train specification!

Change! Shincarion! Contains Shinca1!

Shinkarion E7 Kagayaki appeared in Plarail!

From Shinkansen E7 series Kagayaki, Shincarion E7 will transform into Kagayaki.

With [new mold], I am reproducing more cool modeling just like animation.

Lead car and tail car are transformed into robots. The middle car unfolds and can store weapons.

Optional 3-car single-piece Shincarion and a gimmick that can be recombined up and down, "Linked" is installed.

"Headgear" for link union is attached, too and can reproduce link union of animation.

Power up your Shincarion.

Proof of the Shincarion pilot, "Shinca" 1 included!

You can also play with the separately sold Shinka Gear and you're a Shincarion pilot!

※ Rail, electric traveling vehicle is not included.

※ The link can be combined with the old Shincarion 3 both single item!

※ The headgear can not be attached to the old Shincarion 3-car single item.

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