Takara Tomy Shinkansen Deformation Robot SHINKALION DXS07 800 Tsubame

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No battery required.
Tracks are NOT included in this item.

- Sincarion 800 Tsubame appeared at Plarail!
- With three-car train specification, it will transform from Shinkansen to a robot!
- Change! Sincarion! Shinca 1 sheet included!

- Sincarion 800 Tsubame appeared at Plarail!
- From the Shinkansen New 800 Series Tsubame, you will transform to Shinkallion 800 Tsubaru.
- With [new mold], you are reproducing the cool form as if it is anime.
- The leading car and the tail car are transformed into a robot. You can deploy intermediate cars and store weapons.
- Optional 3-piece single item Shinkallion and upper and lower recombination can be united with possible gimmick, [Linked united] installed.
- For link coalescence [Headgear] is also included, you can reproduce the link combination of animation.
- Let's power up your sinkarion.
- A proof of the syncalion pilot, [Shinca] bundled with one piece! If you play separately with Shinkagia you are also a socallion pilot!

- Product content
· Shinkallion 800 Tsubame (three-car formation) (1)
· Pantograph Arrow complete set (1)
· Headgear (800 spec) (1)
· Shinca (800 specifications) (1)
· Instruction Manual (1)
Label (1)

※ There is no rail, electrically powered vehicle.
* You can combine links with the old Sincarion 3 Both individually!
※ You can not attach headgear to the old sincallion 3 single item separately.

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