Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW02 Gilraptor Plastic Model Kit

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--create! Get up! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit.

- Parts pack method without need of nipper, adopt instruction manual of color!

- Open the box and start assembling immediately!

- When assembling is completed and you turn on the switch it will move to real!

- Further change in morphology and instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!)

- Mid-size zoid of Dinonics species

- Advance with a motor.

- In the animation, the main body on which Drake boarding.

- Switch on and open and close the mouth, start moving forward while swinging the tail up and down.

- The instinct liberation (wild blast) is done manually, releasing the two claws (wing shorter) on the back to the left and right, and moving forward while acting like tearing with the wing shooter.

- Product content

· Book of restoration (1)

· Mechanical unit (1)

· Link parts (5)

· Eye Parts (2)

· Z cap (10)

· Rider figure (1)

· Graffiti - Rabel (1)

· Excavation Pack A (1)

· Excavation Pack B (1)