Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW09 Raptor Plastic Model Kit

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- Make it! Get up! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit.

- Parts pack method without need of nipper, adopt instruction manual of color!

- Open the box and start assembling immediately! When assembling is completed and you turn on the switch it will move to real!

- Further change in morphology and instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!)

- Advance with small Zoido spring of Velkiraptor species.

- Aircraft on which the Z Boys will board in the play.

- When winding a spring, start moving forward while swinging the tail side to side.

- The instinct liberation (wild blast) is done manually and pulling out the large claw of the back opens the mouth wide in conjunction with it.

- In that state, move forward to shoot the enemy while rocking the body back and forth.

- Product description: Book of Restoration (2), Spring Unit (1), Eye Parts (1), Z Cap (7), Rider Figure (1), Graffiti Label (1), Digging Pack A (1), Excavation Pack B (1)

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