Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW10 Knuckle Kong Plastic Model Kit

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- Make it! Get up! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit.

- Parts pack method without need of nipper, adopt instruction manual of color!

- Open the box and start assembling immediately!

- When assembling is completed and you turn on the switch it will move to real!

- Further change in morphology and instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!)

- Advance with medium size zoid motor of gorilla variety.

- In the play is the main enemy aircraft carrying foie gras.

- When switching on slightly opening and closing the mouth, walking starts with 4 legs.

- Release instinct (Wild Blast) manually.

- Move the armor from the shoulder further, move the armor from the shoulder further, enlarge the fist and turn the switch again, widely open and close the mouth, and perform the drumming operation while scooping down the body.

- Contents of merchandise: Book of Restoration (1), Link Parts (8), Eye Parts (2), Z Cap (16), Rider Figure (1), Graffiti Label (1), Mechanical Unit (1), Excavation Pack A (1), excavation pack B (1)

- Battery: AAA alkaline dry battery × 1 (sold separately)

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