Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW21 Ankyrocks Plastic Model Kit

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- Make it! Get up! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit.

- Parts pack method without need of nipper, adopt instruction manual of color!

- Open the box and start assembling immediately!

- When assembling is completed and you turn on the switch it will move to real!

- Further change of form and instinct relief! (Wild Blast!)

- Advance with the large Zoid Motor of Ankyrosaurus species.

- Acting as an aircraft of Supreme in animation.

- Switch on and open and close the mouth, start moving forward while swinging the head and tail left and right.

- The instinct liberation (wild blast) is done manually, set the body to the main body with the mail stail (tail) vertical.

- Re-enter the switch, you can enjoy a brilliant action that wields the mailstail on the back greatly.

- Merchandise unit (1), excavation pack (1), merchant unit (1), merchandise unit (1), merchandise unit (1), link part (8), eye part (2), Z cap A (1), excavation pack B (1)

- Battery: AAA alkaline battery × 1 (sold separately)

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