Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW22 Gillraptor II Plastic Model Kit

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-Advance with the mid-sized zoid motor of Dinonix type.

-The main aircraft on which Gallager boarded in the anime.

-When the switch is turned on, the mouth is opened and closed, the hand is moved up and down while moving the hand to start moving forward.

-Instinctive release (wild blast) is done manually, releasing the two claws on the back (wing shoutels) to the left and right and advancing with a motion like tearing off with the wing shatter.

-Product details: Book of restoration (1), link parts (5), eye parts (2), Z cap (10), rider figure (1), graffiti label (1), mechanical unit (1), digging pack A (1), excavation pack B (1)

-Battery: AAA alkaline battery × 1 (sold separately)