Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW23 Dilophos Plastic Model Kit

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-Make! Start moving! Instinct release! (Wild blast!) Real moving kit.

-Advance with the Dilophosaurus species of small zoids.

-The aircraft that Z Boys board in the play.

-Start winding forward while swinging the tail left and right after winding the mainspring.

-The instinct release (wild blast) is done manually, and the mouth opens wide in conjunction with pulling out the large collar next to the head and back.

-In that state, advance forward to diffuse the high frequency pulse while shaking the body back and forth.

-Product details: Book of restoration (2), Wind-up unit (1), Eye parts (1), Z cap (7), Rider figure (1), Graffiti label (1), Excavation pack A (1), Excavation Pack B (1)