Takara Tomy Zoids Wild ZW47 Burning Liger Core Drive Weapon Impact Gatling Set

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-An all-in-one set product of Burning Liger and CDW Impact Gatling that you can immediately modify the movement of Zoids and play.

--When the CDW Impact Gatling is attached to the Burning Liger, the Gatling automatically rotates in synchronization with the movement and performs a shooting action.

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--Burning Liger: Z-MANUAL (1), Burning Liger: S Pack (1), Burning Liger: Excavation Pack A (1), Burning Liger: Excavation Pack B (1), Burning Liger: Excavation Pack C (1), CDW Impact Gatling: Remodeling Manual (2), CDW Impact Gatling: S Pack (1), CDW Impact Gatling: A Pack (1)

--Batteries: AAA alkaline batteries x 1 (sold separately)