Tech Traders TTSCHUKO European Euro EU Schuko 2 UK 3 Pin Plug Adaptor Travel Mains Adapter - (White, Set of 3 Pieces).

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Product Features :

  • Schuko style socket EU Europe European 2-pin to UK 3-pin travel adapter White plug.
  • Plugin adaptor that allows equipment fitted with a European shako plug to be used in a UK mains outlet.
  • There is 13A fuse inside. Max output: 250V AC 13A.
  • This travel adapter is not a transformer or a frequency converter.
  • High-Quality CE approved - safe to use.

Product Description :

European EURO EU Schuko 2 pin to UK 3 pin plug adaptor travel mains adapter item Description: this plug adaptor is perfect for foreign visitors to the United Kingdom. It converts standard European (also commonly used in South America, Asia, and Africa) 2 pin plugs including type F (Schuko), type e, and type C to the UK standard 3 pin plugs (type G). whether you're traveling to the UK for holiday or business trip, this simple but essential adaptor will allow you to use your laptop, hairdryer or charge your phone whilst staying anywhere in the UK without a worry. It is compact and lightweight and easily fits into your travel luggage. It is also perfect for UK citizens who want to comfortably use the products they bought in Europe. This high-quality plug adaptor is made of sturdy and durable materials to provide you with long-lasting. Please note: this is a plug adaptor and not voltage transformer. It does not convert electricity/ voltage and can be used only for plug type conversion. Please make sure the voltage of your device is workable in your destination Country otherwise it could damage your appliance. 13AMP 250V CE certified Earthed Fused 13A plug type: UK standard type G 3 pin plug socket type: accepts European standard 2 pin plugs (type C, type e & type F (Schuko).