Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner EG03 Earth Granner Saber Panther

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-By combining the three major vehicles of Gaogrunner Saber, Gaogrunner Black Panther, and Gaogrunner Crow, you can transform and combine into EarthGrunner Saber Panther (Robo)!

-By using many movable points for each joint, you can enjoy cool posing just like an anime scene!

-Compatible with Coagrunner Tomica system!

-When Coagrunner Sabertomica (sold separately) is incorporated into Gaogrunner Saber (vehicle state), a sound compatible with Gaogrunner Saber sounds, and when incorporated into EarthGrunner Saber Panther (robo state), sound equivalent to EarthGrunner Saber Panther Sounds!

-Product details: Gaogrunner Saber (Robo upper body) (1), Thunder Claw (2), Bonnet (1), Fang Bumper (R) (1), Fang Bumper (L) (1), Gaogrunner Black Panther (Lower body of Robo) (1), Gaogrunner Crow (1), Label (1), Instruction Manual (2)