Unicorn Smartboard - App Enabled Auto Scoring Dartboard- Includes 2 sets of steel tip darts

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  • Finally no longer have to calculate or enter numbers yourself, many darts players have wanted this for a long time. The new darts generation is coming with the Unicorn Smartboard.
  • This dartboard revolutionizes the world of darts, it is the first dart board that can be controlled via an app and enables direct automatic counting of points.
  • The Scorebuddy app transmits the score directly to the phone or tablet. With the app you can choose between 8 exciting game variations and up to 8 players in teams of 2 or 4 single players.
  • There is also a single player version available, which is used against the app. The app can also save individual legs or games or evaluate a player's personal statistics.
  • The Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) radio technology requires significantly less power and has a range of around 10 meters. The smartboard requires 3 x AA batteries.
  • The Smartboard also has a rotating number ring, which prevents the dart board from wearing on one side and significantly increases the life of the board. You can find more detailed information in the supplied operating instructions.

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